Alan Evans Trio – Elephant Head (Vinyl)


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Route 68 02:54
Book It 03:57
Elephant Head 04:18
Sunset Trails 03:32
Midnight Mirage 02:47
Strangest Thing 04:28
The Hitchiker 03:35
Birth of Peace 04:20

The Alan Evans Trio aka Ae3, the band of Alan Evans, multi-instrumentalist and co-founder of acclaimed funk outfit Soulive, releases new full-length Elephant Head on Vintage League Music.

Elephant Head is an epic instrumental album of cinematic funk, in the pocket grooves, and infectious melodies. As a whole the full-length evokes a classic vintage movie soundtrack. It also features virtuoso playing from all three band members (Alan Evans / Danny Mayer Kris Yunker).

The album opens with the atmospheric “Route 68”, featuring a part psychedelic vibe coupled with highly catchy melody lines. “Strangest Thing” has a tough lowdown groove, the second half of the song shifts to a hypnotic groove with killer guitar lines. “Sunset Trails” evokes a western movie classic theme tune. The main riff sticks in the head long after listening. “Birth Of Peace” is a slow burning ambient ballad.

Sonically the album sounds incredible, combining a modern take on a vintage vibe, with Evans at the helm as producer bringing his trademark quality and attention to detail.

There is something undeniably special when a band of three clicks. Some would say finding three good musicians playing music together isn’t a hard task. Finding seasoned artists who can make a trio sound a band twice their size, well that’s special. Alan Evans Trio, a power soul organ trio is certainly special.

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