Soul Tune Allstars – The Soul of the Viking (Vinyl)


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Viking Intro 01:43
Looking For Trouble 03:19
Sweet And Sour 03:29
Love Comes Easy 03:22
Chicken Chase 02:58
Hang On 03:50
Oh Your Love 03:52
Drop It 04:21
Smiling And Crying 03:54
Sunday Afternoon 04:31
Inside A Mans Mind 03:36
The new album from Soul Tune Allstars is finally here! Strong soulful vocal tracks by CARLTON JUMEL SMITH and MARIA SANCHEZ mixed with powerful instrumental tracks that are full of feeling and that bring to mind early blaxploitation soundscapes; something that this record wants to pay homage to. “Music offers up redemption. In fact it’s been known to save a soul or two from time to time. Music is the window through which we peek into an artist’s heart as well as their soul. So on that note we leave you with the latest release on Soul Tune Records, ‘The Soul Of The Viking’. This is an album that features music from deep inside the heart and soul of Niclas Wretelid and Mikko Räisänen – lush arrangements over glorious horns, beautiful strings and funky beats. What more could you ask for? On the vocal tracks you’ll find Desmond Foster singing good news on the super smooth “Love Comes Easy”. Then you have the West Coast soul of the groovy MS – Maria Sanchez; her song will make you dance close with the one you love. The latest Soul Tune Allstar to join the family is Mr. Soul himself Carlton Jumel Smith, who’s coming here “Looking For Trouble” and talking a lot of smack on “Inside A Man’s Mind”. This is the album to add to your collection… it only hints at the mighty things to come from Soul Tune records!” -Carlton J Smith All songs were recorded at the Soul Tune Studio in Stockholm, Sweden, and at the Song Loft, in Brooklyn, New York, except for Maria’s track “Oh Your Love”, which was recorded in sunny California.
released August 11, 2023


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