T&A Connection – You’re Gonna Play For Me (Vinyl)


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Track Title
1 The Big Itch
2 Open Up And Let It In
3 Boogalish
4 Coffee Filter No.4
5 Buster B.
6 Herman The Turtle
7 Sounds Like Chocolate
8 Hey
9 The Bull
10 You’re Gonna Play For Me
11 Bubba

Virtuoso and straightforward. T&A Connection houses this powerful combination. The latest Amsterdam superband consists of lifelong friends who find each other in the love of music.

The guitars tandem is the core of the band. Guitarist Martijn (a.k.a. Tinus) Smit and bass player Arry Niemantsverdriet – composer of the songs – have a magic connection through their instruments that results in dazzling rock riffs. The instrumental tracks are reminiscent of the best of Mother’s Finest and Van Halen. Modern funk elements are always lurking and also afro and latin come into play.

These influences are not surprising when you realize where the band members have made their mark. We are dealing here with the gentlemen of The Jig, a funk formation that recorded albums in New York, Amsterdam and Rio de Janeiro and has toured through Europe and Brazil. Bas Grijmans is relentless on his Hammond and Moog. Jeroen van Genuchten brings extravagance and dirty low vibes into the equation with his baritone sax. The phenomenal drummer/percussionist Marco Toro performs with heroes like Barry Hay from Golden Earring, Drums United and the Metropole orchestra. So expect to be blown away by their debut record You’re Gonna Play For Me that is out now on vinyl and streaming services. The album was recorded in the Rock Supplies studios in Amsterdam, the home base of the band. The eleven mostly instrumental tracks will take you a musical journey intended to leave you in awe.

Arry Niemantsverdriet – bass

Martijn Smit – guitar

Marco Toro – drums/percussions

Bas Grijmans – keys

Jeroen van Genuchten – saxophone



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