The Soul Motivators – Do The Damn Thing (Vinyl)


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Drag And Drop 03:46
Say What You Mean 04:41
Savalas 02:51
Miss Those Days 04:34
All The Way To The Bank 04:05
Modern Superwoman 04:32
Mindblastin’ 04:21
Black Rhino 04:23

Following up on their explosive and critically acclaimed debut album Free To Believe (2015, Do Right Music), Canada’s premiere deep funk outfit The Soul Motivators are back with their sophomore album ‘Do The Damn Thing’. The 9-track album delivers a heavy dose of the band’s signature funk sound, incorporating the soulful sensibilities of lead vocalist Shahi Teruko, who has been performing and touring with the band for the past two years and makes her recorded debut here.

“Do the damn thing! is a phrase we used during rehearsals to get us back on track when we started to overcomplicate things. Is it funky? Is it soulful? Then just do the damn thing!” This no-nonsense approach has resulted in a cohesive and focused, straight-up funk record.

From the high-octane ‘Mindblastin’ and ‘All the Way to the Bank’ to the moody ‘‘Black Rhino’ and the car-chase MSFBs-inspired ‘Savalas’ which show off the Motivators’ instrumental grooves, Do The Damn Thing is guaranteed to appeal to the most discerning funk fans.

The band continues to broaden their definition of soul music from a spiritual, political and social standpoint, as evidenced by the album’s most poignant and introspective moment, ‘Modern Superwoman’ featuring lyrics penned by Teruko

“Modern Superwoman is an anthem for women, specifically the women who are out there raising families on their own, working around the clock and living life on their own terms without excuses.” she says,” There is no force in the world more powerful than that of a mother and this song is a celebration of those women.”

released January 24, 2020

Shahi Teruko – Vocals
Marc Shapiro – Bass
Voltaire Ramos – Guitar
Doug Melville – Drums
James Robinson – Keyboards
Derek Thorne – Percussion
Tom Moffett – Trumpet
Dominique Morier – Tenor Sax
Emily Ferrell – Trombone
Nathan Dell-Vandenburg – Trombone (Drag and Drop)
Nigel Pitt – Percussion (Drag and Drop)

Produced by The Soul Motivators
Recorded at Lincoln County Social Club by John Dinsmore
‘Do The Damn Thing’ & ‘Miss Those Days’ recorded at Bartley Studio by Richard Greenspoon
‘Drag And Drop’ recorded at 4Sound Media by Sheldon Pitt
Mixed by Jason Jaknunas
Mastered by SEOK


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