The Unbelievable Two Power Plant (Vinyl)


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Unbelievable Two 04:12
Night Cruiser 05:13
Feier In Babylon (Ital Sunshine) 03:51
Everybody 03:08
Song For Jörn (Poly Ryhthm) 03:04
Modernieserschön 03:53
Speed Dance 04:12
Power Plant 03:04
“Uplifting boogie grooves to set your spirit free.” (Paul Kane / Jordan Valley Records)

When The Unbelievable Two appeared on the scene in 2014, their pure underground, analogue boogie and disco sound mirrored what was going on in the vinyl infected bars and small cellar clubs in their hometown of Hamburg/Germany. “The Unbelievable Two” was inspired by the golden age of the genres, played live with skills and insight. Four years later, boogie and disco are all around us. So it is about time that these pioneers release their second album. Honest and authentic, “Power Plant” recalls late 1970s New York Disco and mid 1908s UK Boogie.

The Unbelievable Two still is Mzuzu and Mucka, who lead us through nine new songs of speedy disco, down low boogie and even some smokin’ reggae. Recorded in late 2017 and through the spring of 2018, “Power Plant” tells stories beyond the surface level. “Even though our music is purely instrumental, it doesn’t mean we haven’t got anything to say,” explains Mzuzu, a respected and well-travelled vinyl DJ on the Germany funk/disco scene. “Boogie and disco are a universal language. With the influence of Afro, Latin, Reggae, even European electronic music you do not need a lot of words to tell a story which gets everybody connected. These songs are about our friends, our everyday life, how we life and what we feel.”

released September 28, 2018

Composed, Performed & Produced by Matthias Morgenroth & Julian Mzuzu Romeike
Mixed & Arranged by Julian Mzuzu Romeike
Mastered by Matthias Morgenroth
Executive Producer: Julian Mzuzu Romeike

Matthias Morgenroth: Piano, Synthesizer, Sub Bass, Vocals, Drums
Julian Mzuzu Romeike: Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Percussion, Drums, Drum programming, Keys

Cover by Jörn Vick
Additional graphic by Kerstin Holzwarth


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